10 questions we get asked about design, artwork and production.

01 April 2020

The artwork, production and print process can be confusing at times. So here are the 10 questions we get asked the most, answered for you.

What is an Artwork File?

Answer: Artwork files have not been colour separated to the nominated printer’s specification. Artwork files are typically low-resolution files used to distribute for comments and approval that preserve the layout of the artwork.


What is a Repro File?

Answer: Repro files are produced to a printer’s specification. They will be hi-resolution, colour separated and print-ready. Each print process will have a different way of separating the file and each printer/press will have differences in the way they wish the file to be set up.


What is a PDF?

Answer: A Portable Document File sent over email to view artwork files. Many PDF documents are now Illustrator friendly and can be opened in Illustrator. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open a PDF document which is free to download.



Answer: Visual Approval (VA)  is our online workflow system which allows you to centralise your assets. It can manage your entire creative and production process giving you precision, real-time data access and visibility. It speeds up approvals, file location, and the amendment process. It allows teams of approvers to view, annotate and collaborate in a user-friendly environment.


How long will it take?

Answer: We work with our customers to produce critical paths and understand the importance of keeping projects on track. We are proactive in everything we do and work with you to deliver your requirements. We are flexible and have a wealth of experience to call on. So, the answer to this is how quickly do you need it?


What is a cutter?

Answer: A cutter (sometimes called line drawing, profile, or diecut) are the exact dimensions you require the artwork to be. This should be approved to run down the packing line and artwork should always be produced to these exact measurements.


Why is colour management so important?

Answer: When launching a range of products especially across different packaging formats and substrates ensuring the colour stays consistent reinforces quality and your brands message. Various printers will have different tolerances on press and varying levels of print constraints. Setting master colour targets, ensuring printers are aligned and if necessary attending print runs are all part of our process. At the creative stage, you should be requesting a physical sample of the colour you wish as a target. Viewing colours on a computer screen does not give a clear representation of how the printed packaging will look.


What is Adaptive Design?

Answer: We work with customers to carry out adaptive design quicker and cost-effectively without compromising on creativity. Working alongside the strategic agency our team take their vision and a key number of designs and roll out the design principles across the entire portfolio. Additional variants, alternative packaging formats, seasonal designs, multipacks and promotional packaging. This is Design Adaptation!


Can you produce samples?

Answer: We offer a wide range of services including mockups and 3Dimaging. We can produce sales samples onto almost any substrate, with no minimum order quantity and all barcode scannable.


What is wetproofing?

Wetproofing allows you to do a small run of print, using real inks. Several of our customers use wetproofing to produce colour targets for sign off before proceeding to final production. Advertising, producing samples for customers or to trail options of various designs. It is one of the most accurate ways to see exactly how your finished product will look. You can use a variety of different substrates, inks, foils, embossing and or debossing. Sheets can also be die-cut and made up to full preproduction samples.

To download our A to Z guide to design to print packaging click here >>>>>

If you need any other questions answering why not contact us at ENQUIRIES@brandims.com and we will be happy to help.

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