Be obsessive about brand consistency

28 August 2019

A strong brand builds awareness and establishes trust, loyalty and active engagement. One of the pillars of great brand recognition is consistency. By building a repeatable, consistent brand, consumers know what to expect; making the purchase decision much easier. Consistency is a desirable human trait which successful brands have tapped into. By creating a simple brand message delivered over-and-over again, familiarity and recognition will grow resulting in more sales and lower campaign costs.

“You have to create a consistent brand experience however and wherever a customer touches your brand, online or offline. The lines are forever blurred.” – Angela Ahrendts, VP Retail, Apple Inc.

Consistent packaging the star of the show

Once consumers have tried a product and like it, they rarely switch over to another brand. Consistent packaging reinforces this human instinct. For many industries, including consumer goods and food & drink, the packaging is arguably the single most important brand touchpoint. Packaging delivers the most prominent face of the brand and is paramount in converting “shoppers into consumers”. Consistent packaging will leave a strong first and, more importantly, ever-lasting impression. Consistency fuels loyalty as it becomes something consumers grow to know and expect.

consistent brand experience

According to a recent study by Esko entitled Packaging and the Digital Shopper:

  • 47% of shoppers in the food and beverage industry, expect the product image to match the product packaging that arrives on their doorstep.
  • Only 9% of the survey respondents were satisfied with packaging that was a different colour or package type from what was seen online.
  • 26% of shoppers who had returned a product based on the packaging reported that they did so because they thought it looked wrong or was counterfeit.

Innocent, the “super brand” of fruit smoothies and partly owned by Coca-Cola, have excelled at packaging consistency, resulting in significant shelf impact and a strong emotional connection with their loyal customer base. Innocent have ensured their brand packaging works in harmony with their digital presence and point of sale, providing familiarity and strong brand equity. Their consistent packaging is based on strong brand guidelines, well-defined approval processes across the entire brand eco-system and a clear sense of what they stand for.

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