04 February 2019

Brands are increasingly looking to roll out campaigns across multiple territories and are looking for one agency to deliver those ambitions – a trend that has accelerated in the past 12 months.

Campaign, Brand Experience Report

At Brand we have made this client need a reality, by significantly extending our group capability, so that we can better service our global clients, across territory, across channel for all their content needs, from packaging and retail to digital and e-commerce.

B of the Brand – Creativity

Brand supports their clients in delivering a fully managed brand delivery service. We start with the B of the Brand, by delivering the insight, ideation, immersion and creative design to shape your new brand and products.

Outstanding creative that ensures your creative vision is never compromised is non-negotiable.

Global Execution – Scale

Global Brands require global teams to deliver across multiple territories. At Brand we have developed a global infrastructure that provides expertise, depth and scale for our client’s pre-media and production needs. From artwork, reprographics and colour management to digital banners, 3D modelling and plate making, we have capability across 4 continents with hubs in the UK, Dubai, Australia, India and North America.

Operational Efficiency – Technology

Our outstanding client services team provides a single point of contact for our clients, across all channels. Relieving the stress and complexity of global campaign delivery, they adapt to a client’s culture and ways of working to ensure brand delivery is seamless.

All Global Brands need a strong brand management solution to deliver control, transparency and efficiency. At Brand we have worked closely with our clients to design and build the market leading cloud solution for Brand Managers, Visual Approval. VA automates and streamlines approvals and asset management. Facilitating effective brand management processes and contributes greatly to campaign delivery success. VA generates freedom for you to further invest in your brand, whether it’s time, creativity or cost.

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