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Sustainable Packaging In Pet Food
A Guide to Sustainable Packaging In Pet Food

When looking at the future of pet food packaging, there are some trends that offer hints on what’s about to happen. Firstly, the number of pet acquisitions among Millennials, which...

September 13 , 2021 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Uppy Pet Food packaging design
3 Trends in Pet Food Packaging

The pet care industry has been growing for a few years, but the sharp rise in pet adoption during the Covid-19 pandemic has made this a market to watch closely....

April 27 , 2021 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
unified packaging
Why brands should implement a unified packaging strategy

In the expanding world of multi-channel marketing, a consistent brand message is more important than ever. Current and potential customers alike should be confident in the tone, message and values...

March 03 , 2021 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Journey of a launch
Design to Print – The Journey of a Launch

The Brief: To create an exclusive pet food brand, from design to shelf, for Amazons UK market. Client: C&D Foods Ltd Scope: Brand Creation: Packaging Design: Artwork Build: Pack Copy...

April 14 , 2020 / Posted by Caroline Sumners