Connected, Smart Packaging and the Drinks Industry

30 July 2019
smart packaging and the drinks industry

Smart technology is on the rise across all industries, as the increased connectivity and intelligent use of information can transform how Brands engages with their consumers. Smart packaging offers significant opportunities to;

  1. extend shelf life
  2. monitor freshness
  3. display information on quality
  4. deliver marketing messages and deliver brand loyalty
  5. improve product and customer safety
  6. improve sustainability
  7. prevent counterfeiting

The smart packaging market, whilst still emerging, was valued at USD 35.33 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach USD 44.39 billion by 2024, growing at over 4% a year. According to a recent study by Deloitte, the pharmaceutical industry has the greatest level of smart packaging activity, closely followed by the drinks, cosmetics and food industries. 

Dan Bowyer, Design and Innovation Director at Drink Works states:

This is only the tip of the connected, smart packaging iceberg. As brands start to explore the growing market around two-way communication chips, the ever more connected Internet of Things and the Smart Home they will open new ways in which consumers and the brands themselves will interact with packaging products”.

Looking to the Future

The early adopters of smart packaging in the drinks industry continue to expand the scope of what is possible. Here’s a selection of some of the innovation that we’ve seen recently;

Intelligent “Blockchain” Labels

Label manufacturer Avery Dennison Corporate has partnered Everledger, specialists in blockchain technology, to develop traceability and provenance-tracking wine solution for the wine and spirits industry. Each label has a unique serialised online identity paired with “Near Field Communication” (NFC) technology, allowing retailers and consumers to track the authenticity of the wine and track the journey of the product from grape to bottle.

Connected Bottles

Malibu embeds NFC technology into their bottle sleeves. By tapping the front of the bottle with your smartphone, a selection of digital touchpoints are created, unlocking digital experiences on the consumer’s browser including offers, games and exclusive content that can be downloaded.

Supply Chain Transparency

Sig, leaders in aseptic packaging, use advanced smart technology in their packaging to ensure they can locate every single pack in the supply chain and track all data associated with their pack, from raw materials, processing information, quality checks and logistics through to shelf. Full transparency ensures consumer trust and continues to uplift quality.

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