Design to Print – The Journey of a Launch

14 April 2020
Journey of a launch

The Brief: To create an exclusive pet food brand, from design to shelf, for Amazons UK market.

Client: C&D Foods Ltd

Scope: Brand Creation: Packaging Design: Artwork Build: Pack Copy Translations: Reprographics: Colour Standards

White Rabbit created the Paw & Fur brand design, drawing from the products wholesome, fresh ingredients as inspiration, to appeal to discerning pet owners who care about their pet’s nutrition.

The final chosen creative had a premium look and feel with active, outdoor photography to capture healthy pets in their prime, and used earthy, autumnal tones to enhance the natural feel of the range.

Master artworks were shared with a centralised adaptive design, artwork, reprographics and plate making team, simplifying the packaging supply chain. Resulting in a quicker and more cost-effective process.

Brand IMS liaised with printers and packers to ensure artworks were built to approved cutter profiles and customer specifications. Barcodes were set, translations of copy for France, Italy, Spain and Germany applied. Artworks were shared with printers to gain approval from a print perspective and avoid any last-minute amends. This also allowed us to discuss design intention and colour targets.

Artworks were shared on Visual Approval which gave the team control of assets, provide accessibility, transparency and consistency of comments and approvals.

Following approval of artworks, print ready files were produced to the printer’s specification and ensuring colour management for both quality and consistency across all print processes and substrates.

Journey of a launch

Result: The new range has been well received by Amazon customers, receiving high ratings and excellent comments.  Sales are continuing to grow and building a loyal following.

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