Packaging Artwork Solutions in Manchester

Packaging Artwork Solutions in Manchester

How a New Approach to Developing Packaging Artwork with Design Adaptation Can Save You Time and Money

Clever packaging design is key for brands selling physical products. It ensures your products look good on the shelf or in product photography, drawing in customers. At Brand, we create packaging artwork for a wide range of packaging types, from bottles, tubes, and boxes to bags and pouches. With adaptive design, businesses can save time and money on the design of their packaging. It involves creating a range of designs for different products, adapting an initial design to fit each packaging requirement.

Our previous work with clients in various industries has involved designing for a variety of packaging, as well as liaising with printers, and more. With the design adaptation approach to package design, we help clients save time and money

Here’s an overview of some of the types of packaging artwork we have created for our clients.

Full Packaging for SabMiller

SAB miller tile-min

Our full packaging service for Miller draft beer included integrated artwork, mockups, print consultancy, and more. New packaging for their bottles was designed as part of a global campaign launch.

HD Packaging for Coca-Cola


We delivered the first-ever design for an HD can for Coca-Cola in Africa. We are always striving for innovation in ‘can’ design creativity and work with printers to get the best result possible.

Food Packaging for Puro

puro tile-min

Working with our partners white rabbit, we produced food packaging for the Puro Organic brand and their range of coconut-based products.

Design Adaptation for Paw & Fur

Journey of a launch

Various Packaging Formats for Avon


For beauty brand Avon, we have the challenge of managing large volumes of artwork and packaging formats across multiple sub-brands and languages for 35 countries.

Design Adaptation for Smirnoff

diageo tile-min

We were involved in the roll-out of new Smirnoff Infusions products in South Africa, including design adaptation, retouching, artwork build, and output of print-ready files.

Food Packaging for Yogiyo

yogiyo tile-min

Another project with our partners at white rabbit, creating packaging for Yogiyo, involved designing food packaging to entice customers.

Our work on the packaging for Paw & Fur/C&D Foods Ltd saw us collaborating with White Rabbit again, who created the brand design for this luxury pet food brand. Our design adaptation process helped to create packaging for a range of products, adapted to fit different sizes and formats. The package supply chain was simplified by sharing master artworks with a centralised adaptive design, artwork, reprographics, and plate making team. The process for developing the packaging for the brand was quicker and more cost-effective, thanks to our design adaptation.

Using adaptive design for Paw & Fur, we received the core elements of the packaging design. We were then able to take the initial designs for one product variation and use it to roll out across the portfolio. Flexo Bags, Gravure Bags, Litho Cartons and Corrugated SRPs. This fast and effective process saved money for the client while ensuring all packaging designs were consistent and high-quality.

How Brand Adaptive Can Help You

We work with clients around the world from our studio in Manchester. Our Brand Adaptive service has been created to deliver adaptive design faster and more cost-effectively without compromising the core design intent. Our services bridge the distance between strategic design and repro print to fulfill every level of design created from the strategic vision. Design adaptation makes sense when you have a range of products that all require different packaging designs. All of the products together need to form a coherent brand, but each design needs to be adapted to the right size and packaging format. Other changes to design will be required too, from the copy and information on the packaging to the language used.

We work closely with tier one agencies, collaborating with them to understand their vision. We take their creative ideas and develop their vision through the design of artwork and applying it to different packaging formats, as well as samples and 3D images, and finally, print.
Our expert team members are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in brand design and print. Each one of them is chosen for their skill, knowledge, and attention to detail. With their technical and artistic expertise combined, they are capable of delivering design adaptation services that speed up projects and result in quality work.

We are trusted by some of the largest companies around the world. They know that we place design thinking at the centre of everything that we do and that we are experts in design and packaging. Collaboration is key to our process, with open communication and project management at the core of our work. Together with our clients, we can go further.

Design adaptation is the smart way to approach developing packaging artwork. By adapting core design ideas and a central vision to fit a variety of packaging needs for a single brand, we can deliver fast and cost-effective packaging design. There’s no need to build each packaging artwork from the ground up, having to complete the whole process for every product that requires a new packaging design. Packaging can be adapted for a variety of products, as well as for local markets, when launching new products on a multi-national scale.

Take a look at our case study for Paw & Fur/C&D Foods Ltd to see one example of how we have used our design adaptation services to create packaging for multiple products and in multiple languages. All artwork can be easily shared with printers and with the team using Visual Approval, both ensuring that everyone has an overview and input where necessary and speeding up the approval process too.

Create a clear and consistent brand experience with design adaptation services. You can reduce your spending and roll out new packaging faster when you choose this approach to packaging design and creation. Get in touch today to find out more about how our team can help to deliver a complete packaging design solution.