Pick of the Week: This isn’t Something & Nothing to us

12 February 2020
Brand packaging

According to The Grocers 2019 Top Products Survey,  soft drinks sales are pouring in. The category is one of the fastest-growing across grocery with sales up £164.1m. 

In the wake of the Sugar Tax which came into effect in 2018 Sugary soft drink sales have plummeted but there has been significant growth in the low or no sugar categories.  

Enter Seltzers (or carbonated water). One of our faves here at Brand is Something & Nothing – whose mission is to ‘refresh people and planet, both literally and holistically.’  

Not only do we dig the packaging, but we also love the mission behind the brand.  “ A premium product and brand that we don’t compromise.” – what is not to love about that?

In terms of packaging, they use 100% recyclable aluminium and pack in cardboard. No plastic wrapping used here! A brand that is conscious of all consumption is a brand we want to have a drink with!

Check them out at https://somethingandnothing.co/

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