The roll-out of a global campaign across multiple sub-brands, languages and packaging formats. Managing large volumes of artwork for the packaging of Avon’s Make-up, Skincare and Toiletry brands


To get products to market quicker. Many people are involved in the sign off process and with up to 28 countries regulatory laws to accommodate on the artwork this can add time to the process of approving artworks to print.


Brand manage a wide range of execution capabilities from simple file alteration to concept origination, across 32 languages and multiple brands. We effectively manage the complexity of the challenge by enabling Visual Approval, our marketing leading, cloud-based campaign management hub. We have a thorough understanding of Avon’s brand guidelines and of the markets different requirements which enable us to produce artwork quickly and accurately.


Over 90 approvers use Visual Approval which manages 1400 approvals per month, 16800 per year. Avon has a clear real-time view of all their projects and who they are with across 27 countries. Collation Hub manages online briefing and automates the collation of all elements worldwide required to produce the artwork. Avon and Brand have a clear strategy of process efficiencies to deliver speed to market and reduce costs. Brand has reduced the approval process and delivery of files to printer by 3 months. Print-ready artworks can be released to printers at Version 1 and a reduction of 15% on costs.