Did you know Guinness is consumed by more people in Africa than in Ireland! How did the iconic Irish brand make itself a global name?

We were thrilled to be involved in the launch of Guinness Gold into Africa a premium larger product brewed with golden barley for more flavour from Guinness

Working closely with the strategic design agency, the innovations team at Diageo and the local markets we arranged proofing sessions to test the validity of the concepts and trail a variety of varnishes and finishes.

We produced options using tactile inks, double hits of gold, a lighter gold flood, varying percentages of white on metallic substrate and matt versus gloss varnishes to achieve lighter and darker shades. We built all options in collaboration with the can printer and the Diageo team ensuring all options were print achievable.

Following approval of master colour targets, we built artwork files and shared with global and local markets for sign off. Sharing print-ready files and signed of colour targets to the Gravure printer in Africa