When Vimto decided to launch a redesign across its entire portfolio to deliver a cleaner, bolder and more modern look it was Brand IMS that worked with them to make it happen.  

The team at Brand were involved in the initial design evaluation, process review, technical support and process rollout. Continually supporting and working collaboratively with key stakeholders including Creative agencies, Suppliers, Printers and Vimto’s internal studio. 

Brand IMS implemented an onsite technical manager, provided print training and submitted a comprehensive “Design to print” document for the Licensee’s, aimed at increasing control of the brand and control of colour for their printed packaging.  

 Alignment of colour standards and consistency was key especially across so many different formats and substrates. The team at Brand successfully delivered the Colour Swatch Programme generating Brand approved ink colour targets for all substrates and materials, leading to an understanding of acceptable tolerances between materials, setting agreed and achievable standards to be shared with all printers.  

  Once creative files had been approved, Brand project managed all repro activity, samples, mock-ups, press approvals, project update meetings and problem resolution.  

 We think you will agree the redesign looks amazing and the new modern design stands out on the shelf, achieving what Vimto set out to do to highlight more product benefits such as real fruit ingredients and added vitamins.  

It was amazing to work collaboratively with Brand IMS on the redesign project and a huge testament to the team that we launched the redesign looking fantastic, Even in the wake of a global pandemic – Sally Forbes, Vimto Brand Manager