Retro-Futurism & Metamorphoses; design trends for 2020

26 February 2020 Pippa Walsh


Retro-futurism may sound like a contradiction but as designers continue to innovate and push the boundaries on what’s possible around packaging design, retro-futurism is proving to be a big hit for many brands in 2020.

Retro-futurism is a blend of “retro styles” and futuristic themes, often with a technology slant. The designs explore the duality between what was considered cool in the past and what we think the future may look like. This conflict can stir up emotions for consumers of all ages, as it taps into both excitement and nostalgia.

Retro-futurism designs often consist of plenty of bold gradients, neon colours and retro-inspired fonts and typography. The designs can be thought-provoking, unorthodox and even bizarre. Utilised by many challenger brands to develop a memorable positioning in what may be a busy and competitive space.


Image by Goopanic


What is a metamorphoses design? Simply put it’s a design where one design element morphs into another, resulting in lots of intricate detail and often uses optical illusions to grab the consumers attention. The designs are highly artistic, as can be seen by Seedlips distilled non-alcoholic spirits.

Seedlip packaging

Seedlip image via Packaging Digest

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