30 January 2019 Mark Bent

The first question we need to ask ourselves, is what is approvals management software? Fundamentally it is software, accessible through a browser, that allows you to:

  • view any file or asset that requires approval, as part of your brand or campaign process
  • collaborate quickly, in real-time, with your colleagues, agency partners and the wider supply chain
  • get clear, concise feedback on creative concepts, artwork, digital, video & copy
  • streamline and template approvals workflow, for greater automation and standardised processes
  • centralise approved files, artwork and assets to increase repurposing, brand consistency and reduce email traffic

The ultimate outcomes are:

  • a significant reduction in artwork approval time
  • fewer amendment cycles with less cost
  • shorter campaign lead times
  • an uplift in brand consistency

Does this all sound too good to be true?

This is a mature, well-tested market, but selecting the right vendor and platform are critical to success.

Here are five simple steps to ensure you select the right technology partner and manage the change effectively:

  1. Design the right selection and implementation team. Any department that is involved in artwork approvals should be represented both in the technology evaluation, requirements gathering and implementation
  1. Uncover, prioritise and document the critical / user/feature requirements, so all bases are covered during the selection process
  2. Assess your technology vendors based on a scorecard that includes UX, functions, security, scalability, workflow, training and support. This will ensure a like for like comparison and provides a level of science to the selection process.
  3. Invest in the change. Ensure the Leadership team are seen to be active in the transition, have a strong communications plan and be flexible in your approach. It’s a learning curve for everyone.
  4. Agree on quantifiable metrics at the start that can be used as a basis of accountability and governance. It is these metrics that will illustrate your success throughout the project.

Our Visual Approvals system helps you keep control over your packaging projects.

Visual Approval

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